About me

My name is Markos Konstantopoulos and I live in Greece. I have a BSC in Computer Science and I work as a freelance web developer. My hobbies are programming, gaming, and the NBA.



JavaScript side-projects and tools I made over the last 2 years.

Font Match

A Gatsby app that helps me find typeface combinations from Google Fonts. You can see how similar are the letters by placing them on top of each other or side-by-side. The most useful feature for me is the ability to place the fonts in the same line to see if they have a similar typographic color. It’s a simple thing to do, but I couldn’t find an app that does this.

Hearthstone deck ideas

A random deck generator built with React, custom Webpack and pre-rendering. I’m pretty proud of the algorithm that creates the decks—although, it’s kind of a mess from a clean code/performance perspective. If I get into machine learning, I want to give it another shot in the future.


A filtering app and deck builder for Hearthstone built with Gatsby. The idea was to filter the Hearthstone cards in any way possible and discover cards you haven’t thought of adding in the deck. The problem was that the filter interface was not intuitive.

Character table

A Gatsby app that presents the characters used by a language in a table. Useful if you want to create font subsets and you are not sure what characters are essential for the languages you want to support. You can search by language or by character. The data are from the Unicode CLDR project.

YouΤube comments

A CRA app that downloads the comments for a video on a single page. You can then search for something inside the comments. I use it to figure out if I’m the only weirdo that thought of something while watching a video.

Oneiro school

A Gatsby (v1) app I made for a school that showcases page transitions with SVG.